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Broken Heart

Broken Arrow

Broken Arm/Leg

Broken Wing

Broken Promise

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Q: Name a term or phrase that starts with the word broken?
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What is the literary term for this phrase like broken flights of birds?


Who adopted a pen name from a phrase?

Mark Twain (a nautical term)

In music what is a anacrusis?

An anacrusis is the technical term for a pickup note. It's when a phrase starts one note before a measure.

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It was the Germans who used that term, so it is a German phrase- blitzkreig.

What is a term in English?

A term has different meanings in English. For examples, it can mean:a set period of time - A US President's term is 4 years.a specific name for something, a word - I did not understand the term"eon".A term should not be confused with a phrase in English. A term is typically one word; a phrase has two or three words.

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The definition of the term 'pinellas' is the name of a long strip of land off the west coast of Florida. The name comes from a Spanish phrase which means 'point of the pines'.

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A basketball term that starts with P is pass.

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It is a phrase, not a term. The phrase is reductio ad absurdum.

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The phrase Holla, Holla is actually the name of a debut single recording by rap artist Ja Rule. The word holla is also a slang term that can refer to a greeting such as hello or goodbye or a slang term for the word holler.

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A broken bone is a fracture.

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it means your monopoly is broken or your head is broken