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Q: Mrs Higgins is upset at Alfred at the end of the story?
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Is Mrs Higgins upset with Alfred at the end of the story in all the years of her life?

No, Mrs. Higgins is not upset with Alfred at the end of the story in "All the Years of Her Life." Instead, she shows compassion and understanding towards him, acknowledging his mistakes and offering him a chance to make amends.

Who talks Sam Carr Alfred's boss out of calling the police-?

Mrs. Higgins talks Sam Carr out of calling the police.

Mrs Higgins forgives Alfred for stealing from Mr Carr?

Mrs. Higgins did not forgive Alfred for stealing from Mr. Carr.

Who is the protagonist in the story all the years of her life?

the proitagonist in the story is Mrs. Higgins.... you could realize by the title... the protagonist is Alfred - he is the one with the decision to make, and he is the one who is profoundly changed by the end of the story.

Describe the character of Mrs. Higgins and the character of Alfred. All the Years of Her Life?

Mrs. Higgins is depicted as a caring and supportive mother figure who wants the best for her son, Alfred. She is concerned about his well-being and is willing to help him overcome his mistakes. Alfred is a troubled young man who has made poor choices but shows potential for growth and redemption. Through Mrs. Higgins' guidance, he realizes the importance of honesty and integrity.

What is the conflict of All the Years of Her Life by Morley Callaghan?

"It is my feeling that the conflict is between Mr. Carr and Mrs. Higgins in making a decision on whether to call the cops or let Mrs. Higgins handle the situation with Alfred." I disagree with the answer above. Mrs. Higgins approaches Mr. Carr to ask him to allow her to handle the discipline of Alfred at home. She approaches him in a "genial" manner, and he is immediately won over by her kind demeanor. The initial conflict, which is actually part of the exposition of the story, is between Mr. Carr and Alfred, because Alfred has stolen from Mr. Carr. The principal conflict, however, is between Alfred and his mother. This becomes evident as they leave the drug store and she tells him not to talk to her when he begins to promise not to get into such trouble again. The resolution of the story occurs at the end of the story when Alfred has the opportunity to observe his mother without her knowledge. He notices her age for the first time, and sees her hand trembling. It is at this point that he realizes the devastatingly effects his past behaviors have had on his aging mother, and how worried about him she really is.

What is the symbolism in All the Years of Her Life?

Mrs. Higgins shaky hand shows her stress and love for her son and that she truly cares about him. But there is another not-so-obvious symbol, what Alfred stole. the author chose those items for a reason; the makeup shows that Mrs. Higgins covered-up how she felt about Alfred's choices and the toothpaste was like Alfred showing that he wanted to clean everything he did in the past and finally be grownup.

Why does Mrs. Higgins act differently with Alfred once they've left Sam Carr's store?

She's angry with him for causing problems.

Why does Mrs Higgins act differently with Alfred once they've left Sam Carr's store?

She's angry with him for causing problems.

What are two supporting examples of Callaghan uses indirect characterization to create tension between the two character?

In the short story "All the Years of Her Life," Callaghan indirectly characterizes Alfred through his overprotective behavior towards Mrs. Higgins, by carefully guarding the store keys and monitoring her movements. This creates tension as Mrs. Higgins feels suffocated by Alfred's controlling nature. Additionally, Callaghan uses indirect characterization to portray Alfred's internal conflict and struggle between his loyalty to his mother and his desire for independence, which further heightens the tension between the two characters.

What is the summary of 'All the Years of Her Life' by Edward Morley Callaghan?

"All the Years of Her Life" by Edward Morley Callaghan is a short story that explores the themes of family dynamics, shame, and redemption. It follows the character of Alfred Higgins, a young man caught stealing from his employer by the store's manager, Sam Carr. As Alfred's mother arrives to deal with the situation, they confront Alfred's actions and their impact on his family. The story ends with a sense of hope for Alfred's future as he learns from his mistake and seeks to make amends.

What is the imagery in all the years of her life?

In "All the Years of Her Life," the imagery includes the cluttered, disorganized nature of the drugstore where Alfred works, the appearance of Mrs. Higgins as she enters the store, and the transformation of Alfred's demeanor as he realizes the consequences of his actions. These visual details help to emphasize the themes of guilt, redemption, and the passage of time in the story.