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Q: Most pleadings begin with a special heading known as a?
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What were wagons heading west known as?

prairie schooners

Why Statue of Liberty is known as sign of freedom?

immigrants saw it when they were heading to new york

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Lusitania was heading for the port at Queenstown Ireland (now known as Cobh).

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it isn't known for sure but it is speculated that it was targeted at that the capitol building, the Washington monument even but it isn't known for certain

Where did protestanism begin?

In what is now known as Germany.

What is it called when an author clearly explains a character's traits or qualities?

In the vernacular of the literary this is known as exposition. In the vernacular of the peasantry this is known as telling.

What are special interest groups also known as?

In US they are known as 'lobbying groups'

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What is a special type of symbolism known as?