Moo moo moo cok ma mun?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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munch munch munch moo cok moo moo?

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Q: Moo moo moo cok ma mun?
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How do you say and hugs in German?

Umarmungen which is pronounced oo-ma-moo-men

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Mua [moo-ah] or makua [ma-koo-ah]

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그것의 맛 있는 = its delicious

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go ma woe chin goo. nan nu lil ka pill kae nu moo man ah

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bhaan ka land tara moo mai jhaad dunga landar ka beej

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Aloha: Say Kaua hoʻomaka or hoʻokumu (kay-oowah ho-oh-ma-ka [or] ho-oh-koo-moo).

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