Mew in Pokemon Yellow

Updated: 4/27/2022
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you can get mew by using a quite complicated glitch on pokemons red blu and yellow i should know becoz i have a lvl51 mew. the rumour that mew is under the truck is definitely fake. another way get mew is through an action replay or GameShark or xploder code

by - Leviathan - Pokemon glitch master who is better than you

also ages ago you could get mew by going to a Nintendo event but that no longer happens

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Q: Mew in Pokemon Yellow
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When mew evolving Pokemon Yellow?

Mew does NOT evolve

What rare Pokemon are in Pokemon Yellow?

mew and mewtow

Mew on Pokemon Yellow?

You'll need the GameShark now, but there was an past event for Mew being in Pokemon Yellow. It was the Nintendo Rep.

Do you have to start a new game to catch mew in Pokemon Yellow?

The only way to get Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow is via the Mew Glitch, which you can find on Bulbapedia.

What are the Pokemon you cant get in yellow?

Mew, Raichu.

Is mew in cerulean cave on Pokemon Yellow?

No. Mewtwo is.

Mew Pokemon Yellow?

its not catchable in red blue or yellow but you can glitch it up and get it.

How do you caught mew?

It can be caught in Pokemon blue/red/ and yellow.

What Pokemon in yellow version can learn four HM's?


What legendary Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Yellow?

mewtwo,moltres,zapdos,articuno and mew

Where do you get yellow flute in Pokemon liquid crystle?

Pokemon liquid crystal where i can see mew

Can you get mew in Pokemon lightning yellow?

No. You have to get mew through a special game stop event or trade for one!