Meaning of top notch

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"top notch" means "first class", "among the best ", "a-one".

Example: Our school has a top notch Baseball team.

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Q: Meaning of top notch
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When was Top-Notch Magazine created?

Top-Notch Magazine was created in 1910.

When did Top-Notch Magazine end?

Top-Notch Magazine ended in 1937.

What word can be a noun meaning an employer or supervisor an adjective meaning first-rate or top notch and the name of a guitar effects pedal manufacturer?


What is a top notch pilot called?

A top notch pilot is referred to as an ace.

Where did the phrase top notch come from?

c. 1577 from 'otch', from Middle French 'oche' (notch) Old French 'ochier' " to notch". Top notch would indicate an arrow notch that could be brought to the bowstring and 'notched' quickly, increasing bowman's rate of fire

What rhymes with sasquatch?

top notch

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word notch?

we need to top it off a notch

What is a string notch on an archery Bow?

its the notch at the top and bottom of the bow that you attach the loops on the string to.

How do you aim a ak47?

You should align the notch at the rear iron sight with top of the pin on the front iron sight, as you can see the top of pin right inside the notch, and align it with target. Front Pin >>> (_|_) rear notch >>> |""\/""| front pin aligned with rear notch >>> |""\|/""| and aling this with target, you are at it!

How do you rate Thomas Jefferson as president?

Top notch.

What is another word for first-class?


What is the meaning of salary notch?

If a person is bumped up to the next salary notch, they are given a raise in pay. A salary notch is a level of pay.