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No and yes

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Q: Make a thing that's awesome on Roblox?
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Where do you get awesome scripts for Roblox?

Make them

How can you make the place sanitary?

You would have to script it, in other words, thats hard but however there is a tool in the roblox studio for that

How do you make a transaction in roblox with other players?

There is no official way to make a transaction to other players on Roblox. However, players sometime make donation shirts if they are in BC. These can be purchased, and it's basically the same thing as giving a Roblox player your money.

How do you make shirts transparent on Roblox?

Search "transparent roblox" on Google. The first thing to come up is a tutorial. Click the second link BELOW that, and there is a free roblox transparent shirt template in there.

How do you make a roblox?

U make a roblox with cheeze

Why does roblox hate Minecraft?

well maybe minecraft is more fun then roblox as minecraft have mods command and stuff to make it funner unlike roblox only can to certain thing and our creativity is limited!

In ROBLOX what are some good thing you can make with the fire property?

Fire is useful for a lot of things on Roblox. For example, you can use it to make campfires and rocket flames. With a little scripting, flames on Roblox can also be used made to burn structures down.

How do you get a popular place on roblox without Bc?

You don't you have to have BC/TBC/OBC to have a popular place unless you make it look awesome where people can have fun.

How do you do a cookie on keyboard?

(░) Thats the closest thing to a cookie that i could make :3

How do you make a hide and seek on roblox?

There is a youtube vid that`ll help you make it just try looking on youtube and you`ll find it thats what i did and it worked. But it broken so you'll have to get someone to fix it.

How do you get free Tickets and Robucks on Roblox?

Okay, go to and make an account. Start making the website and then go on ROBLOX. Hit the ambassador thing on My ROBLOX and click Create Link. Use the random website on Yola over and over, ROBLOX does not recognize this as the same domain name. But you must add the HTML first. Copy the link. And publish the site before adding it to ROBLOX. Each thing = 2 tix. Thanks for asking!!

How do you make KOs and WOs on roblox?

To get KOs(This is a good thing) you need to kill people with a weapon. To get WOs(This is a bad thing)you need to be killed by someone or yourself.