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What do you want it for?







Try GameFAQs; they have one about chip codes.

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Q: M code for mega-man battle network 3?
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Can you link megaman 6 to megaman 4?

no you can only link megaman games together if it is the same number like megaman battle network 3 blue to megaman battle network 3 white

What is the mastercode for megaman battle network 3 blue for the gameshark?

Here is the code:993E41C6E209 B3A00AD93EOC 5840956756C1

How do you use the Vars sword on Megaman Battle Network 3 White?

you cant

How do you get mist man chips in megaman battle network 3 blue?


How do you go to the navicust screen in Megaman battle network 3 blue?

hit start go to megaman then go to navicust

How do you get to udernet 3 in mega man battle network 6?

In Megaman Battle Network 6, It doesn't have The Undernet 3, but it has Undernet Zero where you can fight Bass at there.

Is it true that you can fight with Zero in Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue-White?

No, it's not.

How do you get the battery program for megaman battle network 3 blue?

Go to the Under Square.

How do you get starid gameshark codes from megaman network battle 3 blue?

google them even though i dissaprove of cheating in megaman games

What are the names of the 200 battle chips in megaman battle network 3?

Go to GameFAQs; they have a chip list FAQ.

Where to find code breaker codes for megaman battle network 3 White?

How do you find one of many birds on megaman battle network 3 blue?

Mamoru's room.