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What you need is a bunch of ammo, allot of space to run, and cover if you have all of these that should make it easy. Make sure you always running back words shooting at it but make sure you know were your going so you don't run into a pole or wall. Also make sure your team is helping you and you are helping them!

Improving the answer make sure when facing a tank to have a Molotov and a hunting rifle. it took me 10 seconds to kill a tank using that weapon + the Molotov.

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Q: Left for dead 2 how to kill the tank eazy?
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Who is the strongest zombie on left 4 dead?

Tank Actually the tank is the buffest one but the hardest to kill is the witch once she begins to attack

How do you get the all 4 dead achievement on left 4 dead?

this only works in versus mode, when you become a tank kill Zoey, Louis, Francis, and Bill

Who is the strongest zombie on left 4 dead 2?

The tank is the second strongest monster and the witch is the first it is a one hit kill

Which is the Best infected in Left 4 Dead?


How do you make a Left 4 Dead tank costume?

by farting.

What the infected in left 4 dead used to be?

in the first left 4 dead the infected where the spitter, smoker, hunter, tank, witch, hord

Can a dead turtle poison the water and kill the other turtle in the tank?

i am going to say it will, based on the thought that springs to mind; 'why the hell would you leave a dead turtle in a tank???'

How do you beat a tank on left 4 dead 2?

shoot it or set it on fire

If your sea apple dies will it kill all your other fish?

Anything dead in a tank will go rotten and poison the water. This could kill all the occupants of the tank. It MUST be removed immediately.

Hey how do you kill tanks easy in left 4 dead?

The easiest method to kill a tank is run away and shoot. On higher difficulties tanks have massive amounts of health and it's safer to light them on fire and run away until he burns to death.

How do you be the tank in left 4 dead 2?

the only way you can be the tank is when you are in a versus game and you are chosen at random, you can not control weather or not you will be sucks, i know

How do you get tank rush on left 4 dead 2?

You have to use Steam. Google Steam Tank Rush Server IP and then enter that server.