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go south of veilstone city into pastoria town then go into the gym make sure your Pokemon are healed because your rival is going to battle you

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Q: Just beat fourth gym how do you get to fifth gym platinum?
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How do you get to fifth gym in Pokemon plitnum?

if you mean platinum you just have to go to the hearthome city gym and beat the leader

Where do you go after you beat the third gym in Pokemon Platinum?

Go beat the fourth

What do you do after you beat the fifth gym in Pokemon platinum?

Follow Galactic Grunt until he battles you.

How do you get surf in Pokemon Platinum?

beat the fifth gem leader than you get the Hm surf

How do you beat 17 in the insane quiz?

Touch in between the fourth and fifth button

What do you do after you beat the fifth gym leader on Pokemon platinum?

after beating the fifth gymleader Wake, you go and use surf to go from Juplife City to Canlave City.

In Pokemon diamond after you beat the fourth gym leader where do you go?

To the fifth one dah

If you win a contest do you still have to beat the third gym leader in Pokemon Pearl?

No . . . you have to beat the fourth and fifth till you get to battle the third one . . . sorry :(

What does dawn say when you beat the fourth gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

she says wow you beat the 4th gym leader that's great if i remember it right

What is there to do after you beat the elite four in Pokemon platinum?

you can do about anything after you just cant beat the gym leaders again.

How do you beat evolver?

i just drank a fifth of vodka dare me to drive?

When can you get in the jublife TV staion in platinum?

beat the elite 4 Nope just beat the third gym and use fly!