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because green leafs have water in them that's why koalas eat them and dry leaves are dry and crisp if you squash green leaves water of some kind of poisonous liquid will come out

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Q: It is difficult to burn a heap of green leafs but dry leaves catch fire easily Why?
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Why is praying mantis not easily seen on the leaves of plants?

They blend in with the green leaf

Where on the plant does the solar energy enter?

Generically, the green colored bits - it is the green chlorophyll in these areas (usually leaves) that catch and utilize the sunlight.

Are there leaves that have no green on them?

sure. There are leaves which do not have any green in them. There are Orange and Red leaves

Do all flowering plants have green leaves?

yes they should have green leaves. Green leaves are green because they have chlorophyll which is needed for flowers.

When was Leaves That Are Green created?

Leaves That Are Green was created in 1965.

When was Green Leaves created?

Green Leaves was created in 1838.

Will green leaves burn?

Yes, it just takes a little longer for them to catch fire, as all the moisture must be boiled off, first.

What is a green leaf bug?

A bug that's green as leaves and green like leaves

What is the name of green leaves of plants?

If you mean the green pigment in leaves of plants, it's called the chlorophyll. But if you're really referring to the green leaves of plant, then sorry, I don't know. The answer would still be green leaves, if you're looking for the name of the green leaves of plants.

Why are leaves of plants green short answers?

What is the green substance in leaves of plants? The green substance in the leaves of plants is a pigment called chlorophyll

What do chloroplasts do to leaves?

chloroplasts are green in color. They make leaves green in color too.

What pigment makes the leaves of plants green in color?

the answer varies because not all leaves are the same but most green leaves only contain a lighter shade of green(sort of like a jade green)