Is zubat a good Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Zubat is a very good pokemon once it evolves into Crobat.

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Q: Is zubat a good Pokemon
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Is it good to have zubat at the start of the game Pokemon platinum?

Well it will be good for some Pokemon battles.

When does zubat evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

Yes, Zubat does evolve in Pokemon diamond. Zubat evolves into Golbat, which has eyes, unlike Zubat. Golbat isn't a very strong Pokemon, nor is Zubat. zubat evolves at level 22

What is the difference between a regular zubat and a green zubat?

a normal zubat is a normal Pokemon and the green zubat is a shiny Pokemon very rare but yay i got a shiny Roselia!!

What Pokemon is good against zubat?

Zubat is a Flying and Poison type pokemon so Rock types, Electric types, Ice types, and Psychic types would be great against it.

What is good against the Pokemon zubat?

rock,electric, psychic,ice,normal,flying,ghost,steel,fire,water,dragon, and ghost type pokemon are super-effective against a zubat

Is zubat good on a Pokemon team?

zubat is great and is fun to raise get one they will become helpful in the future note: check for info on zubat that will give you more info on choosing if you want one.

What does the Pokemon zubat evolve into?

a golbat

What Pokemon are at outcast island?


Is a luxury ball good in Pokemon black?

The luxury ball doubles the happiness of a Pokemon so it is good to use on baby Pokemon and ones like zubat who eventually evolves with happiness

Is a zubat rare?

No, Zubat is a very common Pokemon. You'll see it very frequently in caves in the first four generations of Pokemon games.

Can Crobat evolve in Pokemon fire-red and leaf-green?

Sadly, Crobat can't Evolve because it's the last form of Zubat. Zubat --> Golbat --> Crobat. ^^ Good Luck!

Can you get a shiny zubat in Pokemon FireRed?

NO! dookie