Is zorua a legendary Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Zorua and Zoroark are not Legendaries. However they should be since the only way to get them is through a fateful encounter event from trading the Shiny Legendary dogs and Celebi over to Black or White.

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Q: Is zorua a legendary Pokemon
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Does zorua evolve in to a legendary Pokemon?


What legendary are there in Pokemon black that I could get?


What legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon movie 13?

It has Raikou,Entei,Suicune, and Celebi. It also has Zorua and Zoroark, but these are not legendaries according to Bulbapedia.It has Zoroark,Zorua,Raikou,Entei,Suicune, and Celebi.

What legendary Pokemon can you catch before the league in Pokemon black?

If you don't have anybody transfer over Pokemon for the Zorua and Zoroark, then none.

What type of Pokemon is Zorua?

Zorua is a Dark type pokemon.

Is shaymin a legendary Pokemon?

No Shaymin is not a legendary for several reasons, firstly it has appeared in many Pokemon movies/episodes with more than one of them. Secondly it is like Zoroark, Zorua, Phione and lucario these are all just rare pokemon!

Where do you get zorour in Pokemon White?

u get zorua by using the relocater to transfer celebi and go to a building in nimbasa city and zorua will be in a illuzion. u get zoroark by going east of nimbasa city with the three legendary dog pokemon. they must be shiny

Do legend Pokemon evovel?

Well, about 98% of all legendary Pokemon do NOT evolve but............ There is the exception of zorua and zoroark, the two monster fox Pokemon. Zorua evolves into Zoroark at lvl 30, and are technically legendaries because you could only get them from special events. the answer to your question is yes and no. - The KANEster

What sound does Zorua the Pokemon make?

The type of " sound " Zorua the Pokemon makes is, Zo, Zor Zo, Zor, or Zorua

How do you get zorua without Celebi or zorua in Pokemon white?

Its an event pokemon in castelia city;~]

Can zoarork in Pokemon breed with ditto in black an white?

Yes. It gives a Zorua egg. Zoaroark is the only legendary pokemon that can be breeded and produce a pokemon egg that evolves. The other legendary pokemon that can be breeded to produce a pokemon egg is Manaphy, however the pokemon egg that hatches produces a Phione and cannot evolve into a Manaphy.

What is the legendary Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon in black?

The legendary pokemon that you can catch in pokemon black are (events too) victini(event),cobalion,terrakion,virizion,tornadus,thunderus(trade),landorus,reshiram, zekrom(white exclusive)(trade),and kyurem.(Zorua is an event,but not considered a legendary.It evolves into zoroark.)