Is whismur good

Updated: 4/28/2022
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in last evolution good but not in first.

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Q: Is whismur good
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Is a whismur a good Pokemon?

It depends. Whismur is a Normal pokemon, maybe Normal/Ground. All I really know is if Whismurs are good now, they'll be really, really good when then evolve into Loudred, and more so when they are Exploud. But, not considering evolution, is Whismur good? Each pokemon has its own special potential, but I guess if Whismur is good depends on the trainer. Are you a good Trainer? If so, yeah. Whismur's good.

How do you evolve whismur on pokemonbattlearena?

1) train whismur to a good level 2) go on my pokemon 3) under whismur it will say evolve me 4) click evolve 5) you have evolved whismur into loudred

How do you evolve whismer?

To evolve Whismur, you need to train Whismur to Level 20. Whismur evolves into Loudred.

What are the evolvtions of whismur?

the evolvtions of whismur is loudred and exploud

How do you get the whismur egg on diamond?

Eat your starter and then you vomit up a whismur

What level does whismur evolve on ruby?

Whismur will evolve around level 27.

What level does whismur evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Whismur evolves into Loudred at level 20.

What is the national pokedex number for Whismur?

Whismur is #293 in the national pokedex, and it is a Normal type Pokemon.

When evolve whismur?

To evolve Whismur, you have to get him to level 20. He then evolves into his next form at level 40.

When does whismur evolve?

Whismur evolves at level 20 into Loudred lol this is awesome thanks ya!

Can a whismur be found in the safari zone?

No, in no game version as of Black and White can whismur be found in the Safari Zone.

How do you get a loudred?

You evolve a whismur.