Is webkinz killers true

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no! the only way to get rid of your pet is if the account expires! you can never kill your pet!

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Q: Is webkinz killers true
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Are Webkinz killers true?


Are webkinz rumors true?


Webkinz rumor true?

It depends what the rumor is.

Is the Webkinz couture shop true?

heck no

Is the rumor of Webkinz true?

nope! your ok ! acording to the website it says they wouldn't do anything to hurt your webkinz.

Are Webkinz kilers?

Umm. What do you mean by Are Webkinz Killers?? If you are talking about the rumor about Neopets and Webkinz killing each other on webkinz world, then no. Also Webkinz are stuffed animals. They can't kill without a living thing doing something with them. But it would still woudn't consider the webkinz a killer but the person who was using it. Also, why is this question in Whales? I mean really!!! is not for these kind of questions!! What are these kinds of questions?? JOKES! STUPID JOKES!

What is a code for the code shopon Webkinz?

You have to get something like the Webkinz lip gloss or body spritz. thats not true

You saw on the computer website thing is it true the Jonas brothers have webkinz?

NO it's not true.

Is the rumor about Mrs.Birdy stealing your webkinz true or false?


Is it true that if you log on a webkinz to your account right before it expires you get another full year plus the webkinz you already have?

No that is just a rumor. You have to buy a new webkinz when your account expires

On the bulitz for webkinz it says that they'll close your account is that true?


Does Noah Cyrus have any Webkinz?

There may be some celebrities on Webkinz but it is not possible to know for sure whether or not this is true. Webkinz does not share personal information. Be very careful of anyone who says they are a celebrity.