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Of course! As is every other mod that I have came across in minecraft. To download it, follow the instructions on the thread I have linked in the related links below.

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Q: Is twilight forest mod free in minecraft?
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When will minecraft Xbox get the twilight forest?

Minecraft Xbox is not expected to get the twilight forest. It is just an FTB Mod and is expected to stay that way.

What is the twilight portal on minecraft and is it only on the computer?

The twilight forest is a mod. It was never in the game that Mojang made

How do you get the twighlight forest mod for Minecraft?

Download it

What is the best sword on minecraft with the divine rpg mod?

Twilight sword

Is a Minecraft modpack free?

Yes, most Minecraft Mod-Packs are in fact free.

What is a virus free minecraft mod?

it means that it has no virus

How much does tornado mod cost for Minecraft?

Its Free

Is it possible to get a Minecraft mod for the free version of Minecraft?

only certain mods will work on the free version of Minecraft Awesome! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> <<

Can you download Minecraft Australia for free?

It is not legal to sell mods, the Minecraft Australia mod or map can surely be found for free.

What is a mod that's virus free Minecraft?

all the minecraft mods are virus free as long as you dont install then incorrectly

Is there anywhere to play minecraft with mods for free?

only if you download the free version of minecraft then look for a specific mod that says minecraft.freeversion

How much money does a minecraft mod cost?

Usually, a mod is free. I have not seen any mod wich costed money.