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Yeah a variety of types makes a good team. Raise the levels of giratina and heatran and youll be really impressed.

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Q: Is this a good team heatran torterra bronzong bibarel giritina peliper all leavl 71 im not so good?
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Is this a good team heatran torterra bronzong bibarel Giratina Pelipper?

It looks like a good team, it doesn't have fatal Weaknesses and it can have a decent type coverage. But your team needs to have the right moves.

What Pokemon does not have a unique type combination Lucario Steelix Gengar Heatran Girafarig Bibarel or Froslass?


Rate your Pokemon team lv80 torterra lv80 Empoleon lv80 Infernape lv 80 Rampardos lvlv80 mr mime and lv80 Honchkrow?

My team is Torterra lv 100 dialga lv 100 Arceus lv 100 giritina lv 100 reggigigis lv 100 heatran lv 100 my team is umbreon lv 100 garchomp lv 100 vaporeon lv 100 giratina lv 100 infernape lv 100 torterra lv 100

What are the legenderys you can catch on Pokemon platinum?

Mespirit Azelf Uxie Heatran Palkia Dialga Giritina (Both Form) And some other Nintendo events one

Is this a good Pokemon team in Pearl Giratina Heatran Torterra Bibarrel Pelipper Bronzong all LV 100?

Yes, that is a pretty strong team in Pearl. It just matters what the moves are. For example, your Pelipper is Water and Flying type. It will have critical damage if it is hit by and Electric type move. The question is what move can my Pelipper learn that will hurt an electric type Pokemon? If you have those moves for every Pokemon in your team, you will be invincible!

Rate your Pokemon diamond team 1-10 Infernape lv 62 Empoleon lv 62 Torterra lv 62 Skuntank lv 60 Golem lv 60 Drifblim lv 60?

This is definitely a pretty good team! On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate it an 8. Your levels are fine, though you could level up a bit more, and if your Drifblim doesn't know Fly (I'm not sure if it can), replace it with another Pokemon, I recommend Staraptor or Crobat (like me). Here is my team, in case you need hints: Lv. 68 Dialga, Lv. 73 Weavile, Lv. 74 Lugia, Lv. 74 Torterra, Lv. 80 Giritina, and Lv. 84 Heatran. To catch Giritina, go to the route south of Veilstone City and there will be a place on the right called Spring Path that plays really creepy music. Follow the path, and you will find Sendoff Spring, a big pond with a bridge that goes halfway across. Go around the pond, and Rock Climb down, and go into Turnback Cave. This is a really foggy cave that has a door on each wall. No matter what path you choose, you will get to Giritina in the end. The quickest route is this: Up, Up, Left, Down, Up. You will find yourself a whopping Lv. 70 Giritina. To get Heatran, go to Stark Mountain in the Battle Zone, and find your way through; it's gigantic, though. Try to remember the way you came, because you'll be back. Eventually, you'll reach Heatran's chamber, but all you'll find is a rock. This kid will come take it, and there'll be an earthquake, and you'll go out of the volcano. Go to the kid's house in the survival area, and he'll return the stone to Heatran's chamber. Traverse Stark Mountain again, and where the stone was, there will be a powerhouse lv. 70 Heatran! Good luck in the future!

Can some one give me a mew or mew2 cos i have a palkia giritina dialga and the uxie mesperit azelf team plus heatran if your interested?

i HAVE BOTH BUT NO WIU-FI THING.Sozxx what is heatran? It's a pokemon.Duh!!!!Search it on google im the guy who posted the question and im just saying that thx any way for posting an answer, also if u dont no what heatran is u dont have it ok

What level does houndoor evolve at?

i think it is at lv.23 or 25 or something but I'm not sure (P.S. i have torterra lv.100, palkia lv.51 and heatran lv. 75

Rate your Pokemon diamond team 1-10 Infernape lv 65 Empoleon lv 65 Torterra lv 65 Dialga lv 65 Heatran lv 70 Giritina lv 70?

my team is salamence lv 100 charizard lv 100 garchomp lv 100 rhyperior lv100 blastoise lv100 my team is salamence lv 100 charizard lv 100 garchomp lv 100 rhyperior lv100 blastoise lv100

What is the best Pokemon team in Pokemon pearl ar?

Your starter, an arceus, which is optional if u cant cheat/heatran that knows magma storm, a staraptor or pigeot that knows fly, a ho oh or lugia, a giritina and deoxes.

What legendary Pokémon can you get on Pokémon platinum?

Giritina, Dialga, Palkia, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia, Arcticuno, Zapdos, Moltres EVENT ONLY Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Celebi

What are the legendary Pokemon do you can catch in Pokemon Platinum?

In platinum you can catch Giritina, Palkia , Dialga, Heatran, Moltres, Arcticuno, Zapdos, Cressilia, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, and Regigigas. With the action replay you can also get Shaymin, Darkrai, and Arceus.