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It's a great team. starters are very good and armaldo and mamoswine are better than adverage, but this team is extremely hard to get because the only way to get more than one starter in the same game is throw th G.T.S. Armaldo doesn't learn good moves (I know because I have a level 52 armaldo) and mamoswines are very slow. This team isn't very fast because empoleon has the same speed as torterra and I thought empoleons are faster than torterras, but the online national pokedexs says there the same speed. If you want to check than go on Armaldo is probably one of the slowest Pokemon. The only fast Pokemon in this team are infernape and salamence.:)

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Q: Is this a good team for platinum Infernape Empoleon torterra salamnce armaldo and mamoswine?
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