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Why does Empoleon have so many Water attacks? You should replace Hydro Cannon with Ice Beam and if possible Hyper Beam with Eartquake, in this way you have a way to survive Electric attacks better.

Lucario would be better with Close Combat instead of Psychic.

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Q: Is this a good team for Pokemon Pearl part 1 Empoleon Lv 69 Hyper Beam Hydro Pump Surf Hydro Cannon Lucario Lv 64 Focus Blast Psychic Aura Sphere ExtremeSpeed?
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What is good on Lucario?

aura sphere, close combat, dark pulse, dragon pulse, psychic, shadow ball, extremespeed, pick some.

I am trying to teach my Pokemon the move Psychic but I got that move from finding it and I gave it to my Alakazam but I am trying to teach it to my Pokemon Lucario how can I teach it to him?

Answer:the only other way for Lucario to learn Psychic is to go to the Veilstone Game Corner and buy one, or find one on Route 211 for the TM Psychic

What is the importance of the cave on iron island?

You get the rilou egg from the cave. Riley gives it to you..and its the only way to get a lucario;that Pokemon is is fighting,steel and psychic.... And getting lucario is important to complete the Pokemon collection challenge.

What are good Pokemon teams?

this is my team will tell you the moves later cause I am not playing right now but I know some of the moves Swampert- muddy water, hammer arm, earthquake and waterfal Lucario- swords dance, close combat, extremespeed and dragon pulse Togekiss- aura sphere, extremespeed, sky attack and air slash Blaziken- flare blitz, bulk up, brave bird and sky uppercut Metagross- hammer arm, meteor mash, psychic and agility Espeon- psychic, morning sun, psych up and shadow ball Haven't lost

What is the best team with Empoleon in it for the eleite 4 in Pokemon pearl?

Have at least one high level legendary... they really help. Any Pokemon on a high level... (good against bug, fire, psychic, and ground)

How do you defeat the 3rd gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

you should have a psychic type or a flying type such as staravia and if you are having trouble with her lucario use a fighting or fire type move(or ground) i used an action replay code to catch her lucario LOL

Is Lucario good?

Most likely. Lucario is Fighting and (?)Steel(?). Metagross is Steel, and Lucario can totally defeat Metagross, so this is one vote for Lucario. That is so not true... Firstly, Metagross is Steel/Psychic, which means that Lucario is not super-effective against it. Secondly, Metagross can use Earthquake, a move which totally pwns Lucario. Of course Lucario can also sue Earthquake, so they're more or less evenly matched. your answer sucks big time, of course metagross is better

What type of Pokemon is Gothita?

Gothita is a Psychic type pokemon.

What Psychic Pokemon's weakness?

Dark Pokemon are Psychic Pokemon's weakness.

What are the weaknesses to maylene's Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

Well she has Lucario, Machoke, and Meditite I believe. And since they're fighting, and Meditite is Psychic as well, they're good against Normal, Rock, Ice, Steel, and in Meditite's case, IF it knows a Psychic type, it's good against Poison, and Fighting. To take her out as quickly as possible, I'd have a Staravia with Aerial Ace, and maybe Endeavour, and Quick Attack. And a strong/Fast Fire type for Lucario.

Should you use a Riolu or a Lucario to battle Byron in Pearl?

I recommend Lucario because Lucario can learn flash cannon, earthquake, close combat, aura sphere, psychic, and many more.

What are Lucario's strongest moves?

his moves from Lucario and the mystery of Mew are aura sphere and detect