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Samurott, Emboar, and serperior all cover alot of weakness so that is good.

I recommend you only have only one dragon Pokemon, I would choose Hydreigon because of the speed. If you really want a good Dragon Pokemon I recomend Garchomp.

Electross is very good so I'd keep it.

Then the last is your choice. You may want to get a Psychic, Ghost or steel Pokemon.

My favorites are Alakazam, Gengar, and scizor.

If you only want Pokemon from the Unova region id consider Cofragrius and Scrafty.

I also like Seismitoad having only grass as a weakness,

Elektross is great electric Pokemon without a weakness because of levitate.

Darmanitan is also a very good fire Pokemon with the right moveset.

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Q: Is this a good Pokemon white party samurott emboar serperior haxorous hydreigon electross?
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Is this a good team for Pokemon black?

This is my question. Is: Starter last form/4 me Samurott Haxorus/Hydreigon Galvantula/Electross Krookodile Braviary/Archeops Darmanitan a good team?

Which pokemon is better emboar or serperior?


What is more powerful emboar Samurott or Serperior?


How do you get emboar and Serperior if you already have a Samurott in Pokemon black?

you have to have a cheat code to get serperior

Is Samurott emboar electross klingklang chandelure and swoobat a good party for Pokemon Black?

yea but not swoobat

What six Pokemon should I choose out of Alakazam Archeops Zoroark Togekiss Spiritomb Lilligant Chandelure Gengar Haxorous Mienshao Metagross Samurott?

Archeops Haxorous Zoroark Spirtomb Chandelure and Mienshao By TJDJ

Which Pokemon is Better Emboar Samurott or Serperior?

I Think its Emboar Because it can beat Serperior with a Heat Crash or any Fire Type Moves and it can beat Samurott with Solar Beam,Grass Knot,Hammer Arm ,or Stone Edge

What is the 2nd evolution for the 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Black Version?

Emboar (Fire/Fighting), Serperior (Grass) and Samurott (Water). Fire: Tepig > Pignite > Emboar Grass: Snivy > Servine > Serperior Water: Oshawott > Dewott > Samurott

What are the last eveloution of the three starters in Pokemon Black and White?

Serperior (Snivy), Emboar (Tepig) and Samurott (Oshawott)

What are the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon in Black and White?

Oshawott -> Dewott -> Samurott Tepig -> Pignite -> Emboar Snivy -> Servine -> Serperior

What pokemon does nate have?

im sure its tepig because when i watch the trailer he's with an emboar and rosa's with serperior and hugh is battling with samurott

Is Serperior emboar Samurott Reshiram gothitelle and scrafty a good team for Pokemon black?

Yes. All the Pokemon are strong, and you have a lot of different types