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No, there isn't. Only Lv3, Lv5, Lv7 and Lv10.

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Q: Is there such thing as an 'Armed Dragon Level 12'?
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What is the best level 12 weapon in Dragon Fable?

It is Light beacon but if you have money it is The doom sword thing from the mysterious stranger.

How many Super Saiyan level are there?

3 from dragon ball z but if you count dragon ball af and dragon ball gt which are fan made but still ofishel 12 there are probly more just not have hapend yet dragon ball gt was canceld and dragon ball af is still bieing made

How do you breed a brontosaurus dragon in Dragon City?

In the "Dragon City" game, a brontosaurus can be bred in the opening level. It takes 12 hours to hatch and will earn 30,000 points on hatching. The dragon can also be sold for 5000 pieces of gold.

Can you rate my old dragon deck?

Decklist: 22 monsters red era darkness metal dragon tyrant dragon van dalgyon the dark dragon lord dragonic knight armed dragon lv7 x2 armed dravon lv5 x3 luster dragon spear dragon wall of illusion spirit ryu golem drAgon x2 twin headed behemoth x3 masked dragon gry wing x2 armed dragon lv3 12 spells mausoleum of the emperor offerings to the doomed reload horn if the unicorn snatch steal dragon's gunfire monster reborn nobleman of crossout reasoning x2 stamping destruction card trader 8 traps destruction jammer spell shield type 8 trap jammer blast with chain bottomless trap hole sakuretsu armor staunch defender the dragon's bead

What are the four monsters of greenguard aqworlds sorted by level?

Greenguard Basilisk Lvl. 12 Gell Oh No Lvl. 12 Greenguard Dragon Lvl. 12 Deathgazer Lvl. 12

How do you make 250k on runescape very quickly?

easy for a intermediate level or a high level person just go to green drags and get 3 inventories of 15 dragon bones and 12 green dragon hide good luck!

How do you breed an Olympic Dragon in DragonVale?

Level 10 sonic and level 10 lava got 35 hour incubation 1st time

When was Armed Love created?

Armed Love was created on 2004-07-12.

What do you get when you fuse blue ultimate and black luster soldier together?

A "Dragon Master Knight" Level 12. 5,000 atk. 5,000 def. Effect is that all dragon cards on the field give Dragon Master Knight +500 atk

What is the purpose of the FGD?

FGD (English: "Five-Headed Dragon) is a Level 12 DARK Dragon-type monster, 5000ATK 5000 DEF. It cannot be destroyed in battle unless the monster is LIGHT-Attribute.

How do you breed a gem dragon for dragonvale when your on level nine?

You will need to just work on leveling up. It shouldn't take long. The first gemstone dragons come available at level 12.

What do you get when you breed a earth and mountain dragon in DragonVale?

I think you can breed those two together at around level 12 . Regards, anonymous writer : )