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Yes it won't let me paste my picture of it on here but it does exist. However I think mine is special. Under its ability damage is spelled daamge. Nobody even special collectors can put a price on it. Thy are baffled by it

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Q: Is there such thing as a lv 598 nidoking in card?
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Nidoking Lv 598 Card from the Platinum Pokemon Set Is this an error of some sort?

Yes because of two reasons: 1 is that Pokemon don't go higher than lv 100. 2 is that I got the same thing.When I looked it up they said it was a misprint. It was supposed to be lv 59.

How do you catch a luxray lv x with a nidoking lv 59?

there is no such thing as lvl X in the Pokemon games

Is this a good team to use for the Pokemon league Dragonite lv 55 Raichu lv 55 nidoking lv 55 Snorlax lv 55 Vaporeon lv 55 and Charizard lv 60?

it´s an okey party buy you should have them in lv 60 instead and switch nidoking to alakazam

When does nidoking learn horn attack?

Nidoking cannot learn Earthquake by itself from just leveling. It can however learn the move Earthquake from the TM 26.

What moves can nidoking learn?

It can learn Peck, lv. 1, Focus Energy, lv. 1, Poison Sting, lv. 1, Double Kick, lv. 1, Thrash, lv. 22, Megahorn, lv. 43 To teach Nidoking Horn Attack, Focus Energy, Flatter and Horn Drill, evolve Nidorino after it learns these moves. (Nidorino learns its last attack, Horn Drill, at Lv. 54. To teach Megahorn or Thrash after evolution, visit a move relearner.

Can nidorino evolve into nidoking at lv 100 by the moon stone?

of course it can i t can evolve anytime

Rate your Pokemon team Wartortle lv 34 growlithe in training Pidgeotto lv 31 nidoking lv 29 parasect lv 25 graveller lv 27?

Awesome team. On a scale of 1-10, I give it 8 or 9.

What pokemon does Giovanni use in LeafGreen?

In Celadon Rocket Hideout: Onix Lv 25, Rhyhorn Lv 24, Kangaskhan Lv 29. In Silph Co: Nidorino Lv 37, Kangaskhan Lv 35, Rhyhorn Lv 37, Nidoqueen Lv 41. In Viridian Gym: Rhyhorn Lv 45, Dugtrio Lv 42, Nidoqueen Lv 44, Nidoking Lv 45, Rhyhorn Lv 50.

Is this a good team opinions comments advice wanted for soulsilver Lv 36 Typhlosion lv 32 nidoking lv 31 ampherados lv 30 garados lv 21 bellosom.?

Keep leveling them up at least at level49. Then you can stand a chance against the elite four.

Rate your Pokemon leaf green team dragonair lv 50 Charizard lv 49 aerodactyl lv 45 Venusaur lv 60 Blastoise lv 49 my last one you havent decided any good ideas no legendaries?

It is good and you should use NidoKing or NidoQueen or Tyranitar

What Pokemon does Giovanni have in soulsilver?

Giovanni has only four Pokemon and hes pretty easy to beat. Nidoking lv 42 Honchrow lv 43 Nidoqueen lv 46 Kangaskhan lv 40 Have Celebi up to lv 70 and use these moves in order (energy ball - ancient power - grass knot - energy ball)

What level does nidorino evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Nidoran{male) LV.16 to Nidorino then use Moon Stone to evolve Nidorino to Nidoking