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No most of the new PS2 games have been released and if a new game like handball came out it would be on the PS3 move

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Q: Is there going to be handball game for ps2?
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Is there going to be a handball game ps2 or something a handball game.?

Not very soon... WHY ? Because it's too complex ... even for an actual computer In the future... maybe... A break in this area was made by a french company, with HANDBALL MANAGER for PC

Do you get WWE 2013 on ps2?

No it is not going to be released in a PS2 game version

How do you map halo on the usb to the ps2?

You are not going to play Halo on your PS2 the game was not designed for the PS2

Is Kingdom Hearts going to be a ps2 game?

Kingdom Hearts is a PS2 game KH3? We dont know

Can a PlayStation 2 game work on a PlayStation 1?

No a PS2 game is not going to work on a PS1. The PS2 games are DVDs and the PS2 is more advanced

Is there going to be spider man Lego the game on ps2?

No there is not a Lego Spider-man for PS2 or platforms

Is there going to be a ps2 game of Sailor Moon?

Nope, never.

Is ratchet and clank going comando a ps2 game?


Is there going to be a Johnny Test video game for PS2?

the ps2 is starting to lose in popularity so probably not

Is any WWE game is going to be released for ps2?

They are no longer releasing new PS2 titles for WWE

Is there going to be a ps2 game of new moon?

They have games for iPhone and BlackBerry for Twilight New Moon and not for PS2

In what year did the game of European Handball originate?

The game of Team Handball originated in the Year of 1919.