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Yes there is going to be a Final Destination 6 AND7. They will be filed back to back and then the Final Destinatin 6 will air sometime in 2015!!

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Q: Is there going to be a final destination 7?
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Is there going to be a final destination game?

YES it is entitled " Final Destination - The escape of Justin Beiber "

Is Shane dawson going to be in the new final destination?

The most recent film in the Final Destination franchise was released in 2011. He did not star in Final Destination, and there are no current plans to make a sixth movie.

When will final destination 4 come out?

Final Destination 6 will come out on 2014.

What movie has the word final in the title?

The final destination Final Destination 1 Final Destination 2 Final Destination 3

Is there going to be a Final Destination 5?

Yes There Will Be One .Just announceNew Line has announced on August 28th 2011 release for the tentatively titled Final Destination 5.

Is there going to be a final destination 4?

Yes, it was released at the end of August 2009.

When does the final destination come out?

The final destination is all ready out and final destination 5 is currently in theaters

When was No Final Destination created?

No Final Destination was created in 2009.

Does Ashley Tisdale play in final destination?

She is not in Final Destination.

What was the Production Budget for Final Destination 2?

The Production Budget for The Final Destination was $40,000,000.

Does Final Destination exist?

Final Destination is a movie, the movie exists.

What is the duration of The Final Destination?

The duration of The Final Destination is 1.37 hours.