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No because they are going to close moviestarplanet in 2018 anyways.

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Q: Is there going to be a Movie Star Planet 2?
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How long has Movie Star Planet been going on?

2 years

How 2 get 100000 on Movie Star Planet?


How do you get to level 2 on Movie Star Planet?

you have to have fame

How do you know if your hacked in Movie Star Planet?

when u are logged off plz dont tell anyone ur pass cos if they do they will steal your clothes send it 2 their accont!! and spend your coins and plus they will also send nasty messges 2 your friends i hope this really helped xx !! add me Famousegirl200

What level is harry styles on in Movie Star Planet?

His level 2

How do you cheat to be a vip on Movie Star Planet?

u have 2 pay for it

How do you get back on Movie Star Planet if you got 2 warnings?

you cant

Can you have 2 accounts on Movie Star Planet?

yes you can as many as you like

What is the website to go on Movie Star Planet?

all you have 2 do is go on Google and write movie star you press new user and you get it

What is the code summer party on Movie Star Planet?

well well there is not one you would have 2 be rich 2 get 1

How do you change the color of the words on movie star planet in art book?

you have 2 double click on you'r writting

Why is Movie Star Planet slowing down to load?

its maybe because you been on it for 2 long or somethings wrong with your computer/laptop.