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Q: Is there co-op campaign in Crysis 2?
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Is Crysis 2 a coop game?


Is Crysis 2 coop split screen?


How long is Crysis 2 campaign?

12-19 hours max, depending on the player's skill and difficulty settings.

How many Crysis games are their?

there are 3.. crysis crysis warhead crysis 2

Is Conflict Desert Storm coop in campaign?


Is Crysis 2 actually real?

Crysis 2 exist and is in development at Crytek. The entire story of Crysis 2 is fictional.

How do you play 2 players in call of duty 2?

split screen vs or spec ops mode. There is no coop campaign

Is crysis 3 a sequel or prequel to crysis 2?

crysis 3 is a actually sequel to crysis 2 at the end of crysis 2 alcatraz gained prophet's memories so in crysis 3 its actually alcatraz's body but prophet's memories and together with alcatraz's memories

Is mass effect 2 coop?

Yes, Halo 2 includes a coop mode where 2 players can play the campaign together.

Can you get campaign achievements in coop in halo wars?


Will there be a second crysis?

Yes, Crysis 2 was released in 2011. A third Crysis will be released in 2013.

Is that Crysis warhead and crysis 2 is same game?

No. Crysis warhead is just a parallel story to the first game. And crysis 2 ain't even out yet! It comes out this holiday(2010).