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nevermind i bred my Male Blastoise with a female Lapras and got a female squirtle.haha i feel so accomplished:)

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Q: Is there any way to have Squirtle be a female in fire red?
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What Pokemon do get when you breed 2 wartortles in fire red?


How do you catch Squirtle on diamond?

You have to migrate it from Fire Red/Leaf Green.

Is there a Squirtle in pearl?

No, you need to migrate if from Leaf Green or Fire Red.

What level does Squirtle evolve on Pokemon fire red?

lv. 16

How do you get Squirtle on Pokemon platinum version?

Migrate it from Leaf Green or Fire Red

What are the starters on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Bulbasaur, charmander and squirtle. like in Pokemon fire red

Which starter Pokemon gives you rakiou?

in Pokemon fire red or leaf green is squirtle

Can you get Charmander Squirtle and Bulbasaur in Pokemon sapphire?

No, you can only get them in Pokemon Fire red and Leaf green.

Can you catch a Squirtle in Pokemon platinum?

no you cant you must migrate from fire red, or leaf green.

How do get a egg and when IT hatches IT is a squirrel in Pokemon fire red version?

dont u mean squirtle?

What legenadry Pokemon do you get if you start with Squirtle in Pokemon Red?

I got Squirtle and the Pokemon that was roaming around was Raikou. I caught it after he was roaming about for a while I battled him a lot of times. By the way! You don't get legendary dogs in original Red, you get them in Fire Red only.

Who you can trade to get Squirtle in pokemon fire red?

you'll need a friend to trade you one, or you can cheat for 1