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Amaranthine Nyxre Stroceta

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Q: Is there any game similar to syrnia and movoda be sides runescape?
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What is a pair of sides from similar figures that's are the same position in similar figures?

Corresponding Sides

If two rectangles are similar then the corresponding sides are?

If two rectangles are similar, they have corresponding sides and corresponding angles. Corresponding sides must have the same ratio.

Is a rectangle and a triangle similar?

Rectangle has 4 sides, and triangle has 3 sides. So they are similar, they both have sides - one has more than the other :)

Are some rectangles similar?

no some rectangles cannot be similar. a rectangle is a shape with 2 = sides and then 2 more different = sides. it is impossible because if 2 rectangles were similar than that would not be a rectangle. similar means having corresponding sides no it is not possible

How are similar and congruent figures the same?

Congruent figures are similar - in sides as well as angles. Corresonding angles of similar figures congruent but their sides are not. The sides are all in some fixed ratio. [If that ratio is 1, the figures are congruent.]

Are acute-angled triangles similar?

Similar in the number of sides but not congruent

How is a square similar to a parallelgram?

They are similar because they both have 4 sides.

What do two triangles need to have in common in order to be similar?

similar sides.

The ratio of the lengths of two corresponding sides of two sides of two similar polygons or two similar solids?

scale factor

What is true about corresponding angles and corresponding sides of similar figures?

The ratio between corresponding sides or angles of similar triangles are equal

If two polygons are similar then the corresponding sides must be?


Which polygons are not similar?

Any two polygons with a different number of sides are not similar.