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Yes there are. Check the following websire for codes

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Q: Is there any code breaker codes for Sonic Battle for GBA?
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What is the super shadow gameshark code for sonic battle?

Sonic and Shadow isn't in Melee so you cant get them with a code.

Masterer code for sonic advance plus sonic battle?

I dont know the sonic battle master code but the sonic advanc master code is 993E41C6E209 5D550DE6754D 9E951E48E531

How do you turn on enable code in Sonic Battle?

You can't use codes in a sonic game, that's cheating, and it's bad! SEGA and Sonic Team will destroy yourr gameboy/ Nintendo DS and take you to court!!

What is the dark sonic code in sonic battle?

happydarkside kidding sorry

Where to find code breaker codes for megaman battle network 3 White?

How do you get super sonic in sonic advance 3 with a button code?

You don't; not every game has button codes.

Is there a AR codes for Mario and sonic to become super sonic so yes please send the code.?

Have you ever seen Sonic turn into Super Sonic in the game? No? Then there's no code, stop asking.

Is there any Pokemon ruby code breaker codes for shiny Pokemon?


How do you put code breaker codes on ideas emulator?

you have to download cheats

What is the gameshark code to transform to super sonic in sonic battle?

123 456 789 101112

Where can you find code breaker codes for pearl Pokemon? or search Google for codebreaker codes Pokemon pearl

What is the GameShark code to get supersonic in sonic battle?

Don't cheat!