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heres a better way ; : first go on to the pda and click on the button for the save menu in the corner then click on the options button then click unlokables and type in the word CASH and you will get $10,00 an keep doing it as many times as you want !

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Q: Is there any cheats sims 2 pets for DS?
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Anything about sims pets for the DS?

there's no cheats I'm afraid.

Are there any cheats for the sims 3 ds?

Not that anyone knows of.

Can your pets have babies on sims 2 pets for DS?


Do you have any cheats for puppy love on Nintendo ds?

I'm sorry, but there is never cheats for games on ds. But if you have ANY other questions about video games, especially sims, I am happy to help.

Is the sims three for ds at walmart?

Yes in The Sims 3 DS, The Sims 3 3DS, and 3DS The Sims 3 Pets

On the Sims Pets 2 for Nintendo DS can you make your pet have babies If so how?

You can't have babies in sims 2 pets DS. I hate it!

Are there any Sims 3 games for DS?

Yes. The original Sims 3 game was released for DS in October 2010, and the Sims 3 Pets was released on 3DS in October 2011. So far, these are the only Sims 3 games for DS.

Is there any cheats for sims 2 castaway ds?

Noo But There Is Hints (They Really Helped Me) So They Should Help You.

How are the graphics on sims 2 pets for ds?


Is the game sims 2 apartment life for ds?

It is! There is also regular Sims 2, Sims 2 Pets, and Sims 2 Apartment Life with Pets!

How do you use cheats in the Sims 2?

No i have the game on my ds lite and i have finished it

What are some cheats for sims2 for ps2?

There are actually no cheats but there are cheats for The sims 2 on Nintendo DS and The sims 2 on XBox. Sorry For further info email me at