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Yeah there is. I don't excactly know it but if you go on YouTube I'm sure you can find it! :D

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Q: Is there any cheat to turn invisable with no gift card on zwinky?
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What are some zwinky cheats?

Some new zwinky cheats are invisable,money,zcard,gift card, and also so that you can get stuff that is going to come out after two months!

What is a zwinky gift card cheat?

No can earn a zcard,or buy one. There is No cheat anyomore.

Is there a cheat for zcards on Zwinky?

no there is not you must sign up for free offers and then get your zcard or get a gift card

What gift card makes you invisible on zwinky?

No card can get you invisible on zwinky. There's only one cheat which misscasey deleted. The only way to be invisible now on zwinky is to do a wardrobe transfer with someone that has the invisibility on it. I have invisiblity :]

Where do you get a zwinky gift card in Ireland?

Nowhere you cant buy a zwinky gift card in Ireland its only valid and or sold in stores in the U.S.

Can anyone get a Zwinky gift card code?

Sharing Gift Card Codes with more then one recipiant can cause the company being Zwinky, to decline use of the said card. Becareful when sharing Gift Cards from Zwinky. she is asking how old do you need to be?

Where do you enter the zcard pin on zwinky?

go to ur zwinky homepage then click on "reedem gift card " then there enter ur gift card code .

What is the code in the zwinky gift card?

Buy your own, okay? (;

Does any one have a free zwinky gift card code?

== ==

What is another word for gift card?

if u talkin bout zwinky gift cards then its a zcard

How do you give away a gift on zwinky that someone gave u and u dont want is their a cheat or somethin?

no theres no cheat about that

Where do you buy zwinky gift cards?

You can get a Zwinky gift card at Target, Shopko, Walmart, and Staples, to name a few, and they come in the range of $10-$25. Hope I helped!!! :)