Is there another site where you can play fishville?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Is there another site where you can play fishville?
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How can we play Happy Aquarium without being on facebook?

You can't, it has been registered to facebook. Sorry.

Who has a battle tank on fishville?

I do.

How do you love your fish on fishville?

You click on the hearts right above the friend task bar on the fishville screen. It's as easy as that.

When are the fishville awards coming out?


How do you get a oyster bed in fishville?

i got mine from a gift (bottom right hand corner) that i recieved after playing fishville for like 5 or 6 days, and i dont see them in the fishville store, so i think a gift might b the only way

Do you need Yahoo FishVille Neighbors?

yes, i do

How do you get sand dollars in fishville?

just win it :P

How do you buy insta grow on fishville?

It cannot be bought!

What is the highest level in fishville on Facebook?

it is like 80

Can you play red custom car shop on another site?


How do you play ourworld when the site is upgrading?

You can play it on face book if you have it, or you can try to find another website that has that game on it.

What you will do to upgrade oysterbed in fishville?

Upgrading oyster bed will expand it slightly to fit more oysters. When you fill it up, you can then sell the oysters and the used-up oyster bed. After a week or so, Fishville let me buy another oyster bed (even though it says 1 only), just put it in a different tank.