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No, it is impossible to obtain without the event or some sort of hack

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Q: Is there an easy way to get arceus in pokemon pearl?
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How can you get arceus in Pokemon heartgold the easy way without cheats?

not possible dude

How do you get arceus in pokemon diamond and pearl without cheating?

Arceus is a future Event Pokemon. It has not been officially released at a Pokemon Event yet, but eventually it will come. Well, if you consider an action replay not cheating then that's another way.

Where is Arceus in Pokemon HeartGold?

Arceus does not appear in heartgold or soulsilver so you got to know the only way is to trade it from Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum and you need to get an azure flute and go on top of mt coronet and go into the hall of origin where arceus is waiting for you.

Hpw do you catch Arceus without an action replay for Pokemon pearl?

the is now way without using action replay or gameshark to get arceus because the Nintendo event for arceus hasn't even been released in japan!

What is an easy way to see all 150 Pokemon on pearl?

By Trading.

How do you get Arceus in pearl with out a Nintendo event?

Official events are the only way to catch Arceus.

In Pokemon Soul Silver where is Arceus?

Well probaly the only way is to trade one over from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or platinum is all i can think of but if you have an action replay if you look up codes for it I bet you would find a arceus code.Hope this helped :)

Easy way to get a shiny Pokemon in pearl?

u just try to get lucky

How can you get arceus on Pokemon pearl without the mystery gift?

you have to get all of the super Pokemon frist then go in the grass and its going to take along time but he shoud come out i got him that way.

Does anyobdy know how to get arceus in Pokemon soul silver?

The only way would be to trade one from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, which can only be gotten from an event.

How to catch arcaeus on Pokemon pearl?

The only way to catch Arceus is either by acquiring it or the Azure Flute from a Nintendo event or by using a cheating device.

Fast and easy way to make a Pokemon egg hatch on Pokemon pearl?

Leave it in your nursery. then you will not have to carry it in your inventory.