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94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

D5000000 03E30095

C0000000 0000003F

D6000000 00000E4C

D4000000 00000001

D2000000 00000000

Press L+R once you put in the code.

WOAH it really works thatnks Dor

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Q: Is there an action replay code to get x995 of all berries in Pokemon diamond?
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Pokemon diamond action replay code for happiness?

There is no Action Replay code to max happiness in Pokémon Diamond. You can easily max a Pokemon's happiness by feeding it berries and vitamins as well as giving it a soothe ball.

How do you get snorut in Pokemon diamond without action replay?

Action replay

Is there short action replay cheat code to get all berries for Pokemon diamond?

it is 9400130 b2101e4 0000000 0000000 d200000 0000000

Where is the action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

Action replay is not an Pokémon item that can be obtained in Diamond.

Can you enter action replay codes without an action replay for Pokemon diamond?


Action Replay codes on Action Replay for Pokemon diamond?

Go to

Can you get Oaks Letter in Pokemon Diamond without Action Replay?

no you have to get is from an action replay or go to a Pokemon event

How do you get lots of master balls on Pokemon Diamond with action reply?

Find an action replay code and program it, that's how you get many masterballs on Pokemon diamond action REPLAY. ;)

Does an action replay ds work for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

An action replay DS does work on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl I use it all the TIME!

How do you get a Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond?

action replay

What is action replay in Pokemon diamond?

its a cheat

What is an AR in Pokemon Diamond?

action replay