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yes the is not one

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Q: Is there an action replay cheat code to get magmar or magby in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you catch magmar in Pokemon diamond?

you use the ds action replay or you migrate it

How do you get a magmar in Pokemon pearl?

action replay

How do you get magmar in Pokemon diamond?

well first to get one get the action replay and go to the fugeo ironworks there rate is 5 so look carefully

How do you get snorut in Pokemon diamond without action replay?

Action replay

How do you get magmar without migrating or with mass outbreak in Pokemon pearl?

action replay or trade

How do you get 999 masterballs in Pokemon Sapphire?

action replay,finda shiny magmar,and trade

Where is the action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

Action replay is not an Pokémon item that can be obtained in Diamond.

Can you enter action replay codes without an action replay for Pokemon diamond?


Action Replay codes on Action Replay for Pokemon diamond?

Go to

Can you get Oaks Letter in Pokemon Diamond without Action Replay?

no you have to get is from an action replay or go to a Pokemon event

How do you get lots of master balls on Pokemon Diamond with action reply?

Find an action replay code and program it, that's how you get many masterballs on Pokemon diamond action REPLAY. ;)

How do you get a Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond?

action replay