Is there an AR cheat for getting into the Pal Park?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no ;)

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Q: Is there an AR cheat for getting into the Pal Park?
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What is the AR cheat for regigigas?

You don't need an action replay code. Just get all the regis on Ruby, sapphire, or emerald, Transfer them to the pal park, and then go to the snowpoint temple with all the regis in your party.

How do you get legendary dog Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

first you need pal pal park and you need to have the Pokemon too be traded to the game your sending them from or the pokemod ar cheat no you cant but you can get legendaries like azelf,uxie,mesprit,cresselia witch have the same chasing around thingy

Is there an AR code so you can get six Pokemon at pal-park in Pokemon diamond?

No but you just have to unlock the national pokedex to unlock the pal park then migrate them from any 3rd gen Pokemon game.

How do you get all the regis in diamond without AR?

you can't get them in pokemno diamond unless you migate them then go to pal park to catch them

How do you get a raikou in diamond?

Option 1: Transfer from Pal Park Option 2: Trade from GTS or friend Option 3: AR Code

How do you get a mew without using a AR?

you cant you have to get it using fire red or leaf green then go to pal park i think there is an event for it as well

Can you still get the those regis even you dont have the national pokedex?

u can if u have AR but u need national dex to get pal park to get regis from gameboy

What is Pokemon AR?

ar is action replay its a cheat device

What is the AR?

the ar is a card for what ever system you want it for.It let's you cheat on your games that you usually can't cheat on.

How do you get Giratina in pearl ar cheat?

there isn't a giratina ar cheat that i know of but you could use the Pokemon modifier code and get him that way

In Pokemon platinum you used the ar to complete the pokedex but you cant get the pokeradar and i have all ready talked to professor rowan now please help?

Go to pal park and talk to professor Oak

Is there a cheat for the nataniel pokedex?

There is no ar cheat known to fill the national pokedex.