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I dont know but there might be.

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Q: Is there aan English action replay code to get primal Dialga?
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Action Replay code for Primal Dialga?

Primal Dialga in Explorers of Time: 122AD6E8 00000228 Explorers of Darkness code: 122AD690 00000228 Explorers of Sky code: 122b5158 00000228

What is the action replay code to get shadow lugia and primal dialga for heart gold or soul silver?

you must generate a pokesav of a purfied luiga

Is there a Dialga doll action replay code for Pokemon diamond?

no it is not possible to have a dialga doll even if you have an action replay

I put the codes in using my action replay for Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time but when i load the game they haven't worked?

Go on the internet and search the codes you have so far. Look at the codes and add and delete what numbers were mistaken or forgotten. If what I said doesn't help then your Action Replay is broken. PS: Since I'm feeling nice, I've decided to write AA awesome action replay code for you. Here it is: Primal Dialga code: 122AD690 00000228 This let's you own Primal Dialga

How do you catch Dialga on ruby?

you can't really catch dialga on ruby, but you can use an action replay to get it because you can pretty much catch any Pokemon with an action replay

Does anyone know the White 2 action replay codes for victini and dialga?

The White 2 action replay codes for Victini and dialga cannot be obtain for free.

What level does Dialga have to be to evolve in diamond for ds?

dialga can not evolve unless you have a action replay

How do you convert Dialga to Dark Dialga on Pokemon Platinum?

it's impossible, and I have action replay

How do you get Dialga in soul sliver?

Action replay only

What is the action replay code to get dialga on Pokemon platinum?

theres no action replay code for dilga in any Pokemon game

Where can you catch a wild Dialga on Pokemon lake?

yes with action replay

How do you get Dialga Palkia arceus plate?

From a pokemon event Or Action replay.