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Yes, wireless (between ds systems) communication is not sensitive to region. There is no more pal park for B&W, as everyone is supposed to have a DSi or 3DS by now, which don't have GBA slots.

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Q: Is there a way to transfer English Pokemon to a Japanese black or white?
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Is it possible to transfer from English version of Pokemon Platinum to a French version of Pokemon Black?

Probably, its just like trading a Japanese Pokemon to a English version, idk if the Pokemon name will be translated to English but you can trade i guess

Is Pokemon Black and White all in Japanese if it is how do i get the english version?

no there not ALL Japanese, you can get some at gamestop.

What language is on Pokemon Black and White 2?

Probably English and Japanese.

What games are able to transfer on Pokemon Black?

On Pokemon black you can only transfer "English Version DS Pokemon Siries Games." Such as Pokemon Heartgold, Pokemon Soulsilver , Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, and Pokemon Diamond. But you can trade from Pokemon White and Pokemon Black.♥ :)

What do you enter to unlock the transfer machine in Pokemon black in English?

Everyone happy simple connection

How do you change the language on Pokemon Black and White?

If it's Japanese it is less likely for it to have an English option.

How do you get a Charmander in Pokemon Black?

you can transfer it from Pokemon soulsilver/heartgold to Pokemon black

Can you buy an English Pokemon white at Gamestop?

Right now, Pokemon Black and White are only available in Japan in Japanese. The English version wont be out until spring 2011.

Where do you get Scyther in Pokemon Black?

You'll have to transfer it into Pokemon Black or trade for it.

How do you transfer Pokemon from fired ve rsion to Pokemon black?

First, you have to transfer firered version pokemon to diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, soulsilver. Then you can transfer it to Black or white

Why is the language in Japanese when you set it to English in Pokemon black 2?

Because it's a partially completed unofficial translation.

What is a chobomaki in Pokemon black?

Its a Japanese name. In English. It means Axew I think. There is a small chance i could be wrong.