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Then I guess your goal is to make either Kadabra, Graveler, Machoke, Haunter, Schyter or Onix evolve from the trade. If you are playing a Pokemon game with WI-FI, this could help you out, if not I don't think its possible unfortunately.

I had the same problem, but I found out that if you go to the global trading station and leave that Pokemon there, it will evolve when you take it out. I waited a while before taking it back, but I guess you just have to have it there for any amount of time and it would work. Be sure to make a ridiculous offer so nobody actually takes your Pokemon while it is out on the web :P. Hope this helps you out :)

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Q: Is there a way to trade with myself in Pokemon?
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How do you trade by myself in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You dont!

How do i trade to myself i have Pokemon platinum Pokemon diamond two Nintendo D's and I am still having trouble finding the Pokemon I put up for offer?

That's a funny one. Somehow I have the feeling you were using the GTS. IT'S WAY, WAY EASIER to go to the top of a Pokemon center in the union room and trade there. If both of your DS's have good com=nnection then you'lle be able to trade.

How do you trade MAIL on Pokemon black?

there is no way you can trade mail on pokemon black

Can any one trade a chikorita in Pokemon platinum for myself?

Do you mean "migrate"? Or trade from GTS? You can get one, but it is hard, as you have to do and event in Pokemon R/S/E.

Is there a way you can trade from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon Emerald?

there is no way sorry

Can you trade items for Pokemon Blue to Pokemon Red?

In a way, yes. You can give items to your Pokemon and trade them.

How do you trade from Pokémon XD to Pokémon Colosseum?

There is no way to trade directly from Pokemon XD to Pokemon Coliseum. Instead trade from Pokemon XD to one of the GameBoy Advance versions of Pokemon, and then trade to Pokemon Coliseum.

Can you trade a Pokemon for a pikachu with a light ball in Pokemon Black to myself for a Lv. 100 pokemon?

You need a second DS and a second pokemon black or white game

Is there a way to trade Pokemon from Pokemon sapphire or ruby over to Pokemon red rescue team if so how?

No, you can't trade with them.

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon Rumble?

there really is no way you can. sorry :(

Can you trade master balls in Pokemon diamond?

yeah put it in your Pokemon and then trade it PS-this is the only way

How do you get Garitena in soul silver?

I'm not sure if you can but the way i know it is to trade from Pokemon diamond, Pokemon pearl, or Pokemon platinum. You will have to trade it.