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Yes you can go to there profile and click "follow" looks like a guy walking, it will also say where he past was.

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What if we dont know their username
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I need to see all of the players that I've played with in the recent games that I was in
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11mo ago
like the recent players, meaning the players that were in the last game you played before you left, the ones who aren't your friends and you dont know their username is there a mechanic for that

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Q: Is there a way to find recent players on roblox?
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How do you make a transaction in roblox with other players?

There is no official way to make a transaction to other players on Roblox. However, players sometime make donation shirts if they are in BC. These can be purchased, and it's basically the same thing as giving a Roblox player your money.

How to find recent players on mw2?

For xbox, go onto your friends list and scroll all the way to the right and there will be a bunch of random gamertags and a game next to them those are all of your recent players. IDK for ps3

Which players are most likely to donate to you on Roblox?

There are not many players on Roblox who willingly donate to other players. Some people will donate only to friends, and others do not donate at all. The best way to get virtual money on Roblox is to earn it. Check out the related questions below for some ways to do this.

How do you find a specific person on Halo 3?

There are multiple ways to find a specific person. The easiest way to find someone is to go to the recent players list, by accessing you Xbox Live Menu. Here, there is a list of the last 100 matched players. Another method is by going to your Friends List and entering their Gamer tag into add friend. This way if you have never played with this person or they dropped out of the recent players list, you can still contact them.

Why is Roblox awesome?

Roblox is enjoyed by many players because of the large number of available games on it and because of the way it allows you to easily build your own games.

How do you pick up money in roblox?

in roblox there is many ways to pick up money but Roblox only has two types of money called tickets and robux. tickets are the easiest to get. they can be gotten by doing tasks such as entering a place. on the other hand robux are harder to get but they are also worth more. to get robux you have to buy some on the roblox site or the most recent way is to find a robux card in serten stores

How do you make roblox items?

You can't . Only Roblox workers may work on catalog items. You may find a way, as YouTubers are making clothing on Roblox. Xoxo, Sadie

Where can you find terms and conditions on roblox?

an easy way, just go to Google and search terms and conditions of roblox, then click the first one, or the one that was made by roblox, ANOTHER EASY WAY, just go to roblox, then put news, terms and conditions, or go to roblox wiki and look for terms and conditions

How do you hack roblox admin with cheat engine?

You can't. Probley In The Future They will Find a Way To Hack For Adiam follow me on Roblox my name is alen360

How do you delete recent player list on Xbox 360?

Currently there is no way to remove the recent players list on Xbox 360. PTRD 41 Xbox Ambassador

How do you get 10000000 money in roblox?

There is no way to get 1000000R on roblox

How do you donate robux to players on roblox?

You can't directly donate, but try this way. You have to have builders club in order for this to work. You can sell a shirt, and the person who wants to donate will give the money.