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No, but you can save over them.

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Q: Is there a way to delete a file on Harvest Moon DS?
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Is there a way to delete a file on harvest moon tale of two towns 3d?


Is there a way to delete a Harvest moon game?

I only know how to delete a game on harvest moon DS, as that's the only hm game i have. You can delete your game two ways. You can either: Save your game, but in the middle of saving switch off your DS. Or you can start a new game and save over your old one. Hope this helped x

Harvest moon ds cute how do you get korobos?

There is no way to get korobos in Harvest moon it's just a joke to annoy you.

Harvest moon how to get korobos?

You can't get Korobos. That is Harvest Sprite money. There is no way to get any.

Where are the secret watering spots on harvest moon ds?

They are in any of the fields except the one your farmland. They are in different places in every file, so there is no way to tell you were they will be in your game.

How do you remove unwanted files from a laptop?

Delete them by opening the file clicking file then delete other way is finding the file on your hard drive not clicking left to open but right then click the delete option.

How do you marry in harvest moon ds cute?

it is the same way as harvest moon ds you buy the blue feather, get 60 harvest sprites and propose you have the wedding in a week. by elimac3

How do you make someone happy in Harvest Moon?

The best way to make someone happy in any Harvest Moon game is to give them gifts they like.

Can you connect in harvest moon ds?

Harvest Moon DS is strictly one-player and has no multiplayer connection at all. But it's better that way, in my opinion...

In harvest moon how do you have a child?

To get a child on harvest moon, wait about 30 days after you get married and you/your wife will become pregnant

What is a simple way to get a rock lobster for Toby in harvest moon?

Dude there is no easy way. You are going to put yourself in a lot of bad stuff if you try to find a easy way. Not in less your a PRO at fishing in harvest moon.

Where do you get very berry's on harvest moon magical melody?

They grow in the spring on the hillsides on the way to the Harvest Goddess spring.