Is there a way to convert between a PSP and a PS2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No there is not the games are not interchangeable and you can never convert a portable PSP into a PS2 console

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Q: Is there a way to convert between a PSP and a PS2?
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Can you play PS2 and PS3 games on you're PSP?

No you can't do that your PSP disc is way small then the PS2 and PS3.

Can ps2 games work on psp?

No they are way to big. But you can connect your psp to your tv through through your playstation and play the game on your tv

How do you get to the secret island on test drive unlimited psp?

There is no way to get to the secret island on Test Drive Unlimited PSP. Sony has not put any teleportational devices in this game to get to the island for the PSP and PS2.

Is there a way to download megman legends either from the internet or PS2 to your PSP?

If it's available on the PSN, then you can purchase and download it to your PSP using a wireless internet connection.

Any way to convert modern warfare 2 to ps2?


Is there a way to convert PS1 games to a psp using a ps3 besides downloading from the psn?

A PSP game is different than a PS1, PS2, or PS3 and they are all different from each other. You can not turn any of them into any other format and can only find a Game console that might let you play them. When you play a PS1 on a PS3 game console you are not changing it into a PS3 game. The same is true if your PS3 can play PS2 games, they remain PS2 games played on a PS3. There is no way of converting them into another format.

Is PSP more better than PS2?

psp is better than ps2 for them those travel much ps2 is better than psp for them who travel not to much but fr ankle psp is better because we can see movies and listen songs which is not available on ps2 and there is a wifi and bluetooth and internet facility in it so psp is better No a PSP does not compare with a PS2 since it is a portable game. There is no way it can ever be a better game console only that it can suit you better. Games for the PS3 are better than games for the PS2. The PSP must be compared with other portable players like Nintendo DS or DSi or the PSP Go. Saying that you travel with the PSP only would mean that it was better to have something you can take with you. What if you never care to play on a tiny screen and would rather go without, no matter. I will have a PSP Go when I buy one a portable to go with the PS3 and it is better than a PSP. A PSP Go is better than a PSP and A PS3 is Better than a PS2. You can not say a portable is better when you are at home sitting in from of a 52 inch widescreen HDTV that you turn it off to play the Portable because it's so much more fun. They are designed to go together and it is not a choice of one or the other they are better together than either is apart. A PS2 is so cheap to purchase that a used one costs less than a PS3 newly released Game

Can you get Tekken 6 on the PS2?

no and it never will i searched long time ago that i think the days of new tekken series at ps2 is over but i dont now way namco did it but the grafhics and game play of ps2 is more greater then psp but its unfair ps2 is still countinuing i think the end of the awsome ps2 will end near the future

How do you convert a ps2 to a ps3?

The only way is trading it in, but the trade in value is so low it's better to keep it

Is there any way to get a Bleach Fight on your Psp to watch it?

you can get a program called pspware which will convert videos so they can be viewed on the psp but you would also have to download the fight as well for the files to be converted

You have PSP cfw 3.71 on your PSP is there any way to convert to PSP ofw 3.71?

what you need to do is downgrade then upgrade to the official firmware -- Erm, why would you WANT ofw? The POINT of CFW is that your PSP is free of Sony. I say, upgrade ur CFW to 5.00 m33.. -RLcTstealth

Can you use a ps2 controller on a psp?

So far no can do, Sony is probably not going to integrate such a feature since the PS3 has more buttons and includes the motion sensor. yes you can but u need wireless conect The PSP can be used in place of a PlayStation 3 controller under certain circumstances. The most notable example of this is Remote Play; in this mode, the PSP connects to the PS3 either through a wireless internet connection or directly with Wi-Fi between the PS3 and PSP. Using Remote Play, the user can access a majority of the PS3's features on the PSP, including but not limited to image viewing and internet browsing. Some games also support the PSP as a PS3 controller, such as Lair. Furthermore, if a PlayStation 1 game is inserted in the PS3, it can be played through the use of a PSP while in Remote Play mode. Remote Play can also be set so that the PSP can remotely turn the PS3 on and off, although in this setting, the PS3's fan and Wi-Fi will remain active even when the system is not in use.