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Yes, there is a time capsule on one island

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Q: Is there a time capsule in Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen?
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Can red version trade with Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes it can but it is a time capsule so no 3rd evolutions

How do you unfreeze time in Pokemon sapphire?

If you do a trade with a FireRed or LeafGreen version, the clock problem should be automatically fixed.

Can you get a slowking in Pokemon indigo?

SlowpokeNo, because Slowpoke is an exclusive Pokemon to LeafGreen, the game made at the same time as FireRed. However, unlike LeafGreen, you can catch Shellder and have Cloyster.

How would you know if it is day or night in Pokemon Fire Red?

Unlike Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen don't react to time.

How can you see the time in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no time in FireRed.

In Pokemon Crystal which Pokemon can you past through the time capsule?

Pokemon 1-151 can get passed through the time capsule.

How do you get moltres in Pokemon?

For HeartGold and SoulSilver, it is in Mt Silver. For Platinum, it is wandering around Sinnoh after you beat Cynthia. For D/P, there isn't one. For R/S/E, there isn't one. For Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen it's in Mt Ember. For G/S/C it is in the Time Capsule. For R/B/Y, it's in Victory Road.

How do you know the time on Pokemon FireRed?

There is no clock in firered.

When can you trade in Pokemon FireRed?

If you want to trade to ruby or Sapphire you have to fine the ruby and the Sapphire on the seivi islands. If you just want to trade to leafgreen then you can trade at any time.

Where do you find a magby in Pokemon Diamond?

Magby can be found in route 227 but you have to use a pokeradar and you HAVE to have Pokemon leafgreen inserted in the ds

How do you get a espeon on Pokemon FireRed?

you can't. to get an espeon or umbreon, you need to evolve an eevee at certain time of day. leafgreen/firered don't have clocks. you have to trade the eevee to ruby/sapphire, max out friendship and level up in the pm for espeon, am for umbreon.

Where to find quill fish on sapphire LeafGreen or firered?

Qwilfish is caught in firered at five island using a super rod in the water its a little rare so it may take time also a shadow qwilfish is available in Pokemon colosseum.