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No, as it wouldn't have much use whatsoever. Mages/wizards alike use items to enhance spells, not their staves.

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Q: Is there a staff master emblem on adventure quest?
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How do you get slime staff in adventure quest?


How do you get warlic's staff on adventure quest?

yot cannot get it :'( i hav tried!

How do you get 2 million gold on adventure quest worlds?

get fire staff and sell it

How do you get the arcane staff on adventure quest worlds?

Easy,just defeat legedermayne.

Staff of the burning abyss?

the staff of the burning abyys is a mace dropped by the almighty and powerful slugfit in adventure quest worlds

Where you can get a water staff in adventure quest worlds?

u get it at the shallow by defeating water elemental

How do you get lots of gold on adventure quest?

You do the portalundead quest "Fire Gem" and sell the staff called Burn It Down for 12500 grand. WARNING: This is only a daily quest.

Where can you find the winged staff in adventure quest worlds?

you can find it in battleon right next to miss fixit

How do you get blade of awe in adventure quest worlds?

The Blade of Awe weapon is currently a moderator/staff only item.

What armor should you get for a mage level 29 on Adventure Quest?

dued get some mage robes and the best staff

How do you get a lot of money fast on adventure quest?

go to portal undead. talk to cleric dawn. do her quest and once you get the "burn it down" staff then sell it to her for 12500

What are the top 10 best weapons in Adventure Quest Worlds?

supreme staff of arcane, hanzamune dragon koi blade, 1st lord of chaos staff