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No, when you buy the shirt and get the code, when you enter the code in, like the Dragon Guard things, the item (In the case the Sepulchure Mecha) gets delievered to your account.

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Q: Is there a spookMQ sepulchure mecha ID for the mech shop?
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How do you get rid of mecha in mech quest?

go to a mech shop, look near the top, click sell, click the mech you want, look at the lower part of the screen, click sell

How do you sell your mech in mechquest?

Go to any mecha shop, click the sell tab, select the mecha you want to sell (make sure it is not equipped), and then click sell, confirm.

Where is the mech on steamworks island?

The unfinished Mech that Zack was working on is in the garage next to Sully's. You need the Mech Motor and Mech Crank to finish it.In the garage next to sully's shop on the left side of the island.

How do you get a Mecha in Mechquest?

ok this how you do it you go to any shop then you fools around and be stupid!!

Where is the smoky flame thrower in mechquest?

tech's mech shop

How do you get starship parts in mech quest?

you go to a shop NW

Where is the mech in steamworks Poptropica?

In the garage next to Sully's shop

What does verifying your guardian account on Adventure Quest do on Mech Quest?

it gives you acses to a shop

How do you get a rebel delta mechquest?

become a rebel, do some missions, save up your money and buy it in the rebel mecha shop There is no rebel mecha shop, you could only get it before the shadow sythe version 1 and version2 were avalible in warloics office. Now you cannot get them with out hacking the game, sorry:)

Where to get the resplendent eagle mecha in

we need to get to planet lagos and first we need to tell prince robert and view the cutscene , next get to final showdown and defeat constantine and open shop and mecha and you ve get the resplendent eagle .

Are there any codes for sepuclhure mech on mech quest?

No you must catch 13 ghosts from mysterious stranger in soluna city get a ghost catcher in the magic shop and the doom cell which you get with 13 ghosts is 8000 credits, the lowest lv of spulchure mech is lv 10

How do you get a j6 mecha?

First of all you need to get to planet westion then talk to glyde, then the dessert quest then you hav to finish it then buy a wrangler mech then beat j6, arcade or train quest, then go to shop in dropship, tek's in soluna city or in westion Dude i tried everything this dude said and it didnt work im just trying to save u guys some time