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minecraft doesn't physically harm your computer despite requiring lots of resources to run

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Q: Is there a minecraft game that is free and will not harm the computer?
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Do mods for minecraft cost money?

No, mods for Minecraft are completely free. However, they do have the potential to cause harm to your computer.

Does all minecraft download harm computers?

No, Minecraft shouldn't harm your computer, that is if you have a good computer with good FPS if not then minecraft will run slow. In other words you may have gotten it from a different website which may have a virus or in worst cases harm your computer. Make sure to download it from for no virus which could harm your computer.

Can you play Minecraft for free?

No, I don't think you can unless you pirate it; which I do NOT advise. You may see ads on various websites about getting it for free, but none of them work, and many of them may harm your computer.

Does Minecraft harm your computer?

In terms of software, Minecraft is a game that runs on Java and is completely safe. The game is approaching twenty million sales and is constantly tested for bugs before every update by countless players. However, downloading the game from any other website besides the official one ( may infect your computer with a virus. In terms of hardware, Minecraft (like all games) is very resource and memory dependant, so invest in a better computer and/or cooling system.

Does Free Realms harm your computer?

Not at all! Sony is a reputable company, you can trust them, and the majority of the 14 million or so players in the game!

Is there a Minecraft that won't harm your computer?

it depends on the type of P.C. you have.. sometimes when you have tooken up to much on your computer such as downlaoding things,to many pictures or vidoes," if you are very concerned about this then you might wanna check that. if it doesn't work then its probabley just your type a P.C. or mac or somthing isen't sure of it or its taking up to much space.

Can DC universe harm your computer?

No. this game is safe and free to download, Proven by 100 computers and 100 out of 100 computers worked with DC universe after 2 years of testing.Well have fun i highly recommend this game to all computer users ages 10-17, Play this game. I am a scientist in games so i should know. Have fun i may download this game myself! :).

Is it dangerous to install a PC game to your computer?

It Depends On If It Has Viruses Or Not If It Does Then It Can Harm Your Computer

Does free ride games harm your computer?

no i really dont no

Does Minecraft mods harm your computer?

No.It will only modifiy the game. If it's not written well it may also crash the computer but that would be rare.If you don't follow the directions of the mod maker then it could crash Minecraft. Or the mod may not be compatible with any other mods you may have downloaded and it will do the same.

Does Free Realms break your computer?

Free Realms will not terminally harm, although you should check the technical specifications before you download as there is a chance it may not work for your computer.

If you download a potentially infected file such as a game from a P2P program directly onto a CD or DVD will it harm your computer?

Yes. Anytime you download a file that has a virus, you may cause harm to your computer.