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Q: Is there a ice bro on Mario super sluggers?
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How do you unlock daisy's cruiser on Mario super sluggers?

Buy a cruiser pass at peach's ice garden

Where is the statue in Mario Super Sluggers?

In Challenge mode? The statue of Daisy is in Peach's Ice Garden. When you go in, walk to the right and you'll see her.

How do you get Blooper in Mario super sluggers?

Make sure you have Peach. If you don't, go to Peach Ice Garden to get her. Go to Mario Stadium. Head to the dock. You should see some ripples in the water. Use Peach's Heart Power there, and Blooper will appear. I suggest using IGN's Mario Super Sluggers Walkthrough for any more problems.

Stadiums on Mario super sluggers?

Mario Stadium Peach Ice dome Daisy Crusier Yoshi Park Wario City Dk Jungle Bowser Jr. Playroom Bowser's castle Luigi's Mansion

How do you unlock bowser jr and bowser in challenge mode on Mario Super Sluggers Wii?

Deafeat bowser 2 times and have princess peach on your team. (to get peach beat bowser jr in peach ice garden and you will get her)

Does new super Mario bother 2 have ice power?

No, New Super Mario Bros. 2 does not have an ice power.

How do you get peach's ice garden on Mario super sluggers?

it's a default field in both challenge mode and exhibition mode, so there's nothing you have to do. only luigi's mansion, daisy cruiser, bowser jr. playroom, and bowser castle are unlocked in challenge mode.

Where is the number 2 ice wall in blizland in Mario and Sonic in the olympic winter games?

Probably not bro... i miss him too.

How do you break the ice at cosmic cove on super Mario galixy?

you can't

How do you unlock the boat in Super Mario Sluggers?

That's easy . You JUST need to get 300 coins,and then you go to Peach Ice Garden/Peach Rink,and buy Daisy's boat in Toadsworth's shop.

How do you become Skeleton Mario in Super Mario Galaxy?

you cant become skeleton Mario you only become: fire Mario, ice Mario, boo Mario, and bee Mario.

How can Mario transform during a level in super Mario galaxy?

Mario can transform into these: Boo Mario by taking a Boo Mushroom Flying Mario by taking a red star Bee Mario by taking a Bee Mushroom Spring Mario by taking a spring Mushroom Fire Mario by taking a Fire Flower Ice Mario by taking a Ice Flower