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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.It is very fun!!!!

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Q: Is there a game like rolocoster tycoon?
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Are there games like zoo tycoon?

Yes there is a game called plant tycoon and fish tycoon too.

When did Game Tycoon happen?

Game Tycoon happened in 2006.

When was Game Tycoon created?

Game Tycoon was created on 2006-03-22.

When did Video Game TYCOON happen?

Video Game TYCOON happened in 2006.

When was the Tycoon Online game first released?

There are many different online Tycoon games. The first Tycoon game, Railroad Tycoon, was release in 1990. Other Tycoon games include DinoPark Tycoon in 1993, Pizza Tycoon and Transport Tycoon in 1994, and Airline Tycoon in 1998.

Is video games tycoon for boys?

Sure, if you like the game, go ahead and play it!

Is there a game like sims?

there is it is called "zoo tycoon" same thing only with animals.

Is there a game for mac that is like game dev story for ipod?

Yes. it is also on PC. its 7 bucks and its named Game Dev Tycoon.

Why can you only run 8 cars on Railroad Tycoon 3?

because the game was made like that

Hp game fish tycoon unlock code?

code fish tycoon

What other PC game is recommended for someone who wants to play games like the virtual villagers series and my tribe and plant tycoon and fish tycoon?

Spore pherhaps.

Can animals on zoo tycoon make a herd?

Animals like Przewalski's wild horses and zebras in Zoo Tycoon have an activity where they walk as a herd, and canines in this game can move as a pack.