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There is Articuno, found in Seafoam Islands, and Delibird, which is only available in SoulSilver

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Q: Is there a flying ice pokemon in heart gold?
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How do you navigate the ice caves in Pokemon heart gold?


Where On Pokemon platinam is the ice path?

there is no ice path in Pokemon platinum. it's in johto (heart gold/soul silver/gold/silver/crystal)

How do you get to blackthorn in Pokemon Heart Gold?

get on the other side of the ice caves

What Pokemon do you need to get past the Pokemon league in Pokemon heart gold?

Ghost, Fire, Ground, Psychic, and Ice

How do you get to blackthorn city in Pokemon heart gold version?

find the ice path and follow it

How do you get past the ice block test on Pokemon Heart Gold?

poo on the block then eat it you idiot

How do get to the other side of ice caves in Pokemon Heart Gold?

look up a walkthrough, that's what i did

In heart of gold what is dragons weakness?

dragon type Pokemon are weakend by ice and dragon type moves

What moves are good against aerodactyl in Pokemon heart gold?

electric, ice, rock, steel, and water

What is a flying type Pokemon weakness?

The weakness of flying type Pokemon is Ice, Electric and Rock.

What is the list of gyms in Pokemon Gold?

the first gym leader is flying then bug then normal then ghost then dark then steel then ice the dragon

How do you get throw the ice cave on Pokemon Heart Gold?

Do you see the holes? You are suppose to push all the rocks in with strength.