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Q: Is there a finish line on subway surfers?
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Which is better subway surfers or Temple Run?

Subway surfers

How do you hack subway surfers?

You can download Cheat Engineto cheat on subway surfers.

Does miniclip have subway surfers?

No subway surfers is only touch screen and mini clip is not

Can you get subway surfers?

You can. On your divice just go to the app store and type in subway surfers. There you go!

In subway surfers do we get the money for installing a game?

You can get unlimited amounts of money in subway surfers for installing a game.

How much GB does it take to play subway surfers?

Subway Surfers on an Ipod takes up about 42 MB of space.

How can you logout of Facebook in Subway Surfers?

Go to account settings, then Apps, and click the remove (X) button by Subway Surfers App!

Can you play subway surfers online?


How do you update to subway surfers Miami on kindle fire?

The makers of subway surfers haven't put out the Miami version for kindle yet but it'll be out soon.

Does subway surfers support in galaxy grand duos?

Yes, you can play subway surfers game on Galaxy phone series without any lag.

How do you start Subway Surfers in PC by keyboard or mouse?

we can use subway surfers by using them both the keyboard and the mouse the keyboard is for moving and the mouse is for clicking.

Is there an end to subway surfers?

No, there is not an end in Subway Surfers. It is a mobile game that has endless running, which means that you can play and play and the game will never end.